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Müesli Add ins

Customize your Birchermüesli with our house-made Add ins

Interested in trying something new with a delivery service that satisfies? We offer the first ever delivery service for handmade Birchermüesli in and around Zürich. Prepare to be swept away by our seasonal Birchermüesli creations and treat yourself to the highest quality ingredients, which we use exclusively in all of our Birchermüesli. We can't wait for your order! Love, your chaya&demian Team.
“Das Müesli war mega lecker und sehr reichhaltig. Begeistert hat mich auch wie sauber und gechmackvoll das Müesli angerichtet und verpackt war. Wenn es ab jetzt Müesli bei mir gibt muss es von Chaya und Demian kommen.„
Customer review from the delivery region Zürich Seefeld (Kreis 8)
“Die Birchermüesli waren super, hatten allesamt sehr reichhaltige Aromen und machten auch richtig satt. Bis zur nächsten Bestellung.„
Customer review from the delivery region Thalwil
“Ich kann mit Freude sagen, dass ich vollumfänglich mit dem Birchermüsli zufrieden war. Ebenfalls ist es einfach zu bestellen und der Lieferservice funktionierte auch perfekt. Ich freue mich bereits auf die neuen saisonalen Birchermüesli-Sorten für diesen Winter.„
Customer review from the delivery region Thalwil
“It was yummy, the ordering process so simple yet smooth and the delivery bang on time! We have tasted The October muesli and it was great, fruity and exactly what was needed for breakfast.„
Customer review from the delivery region Zürich Friesenberg (Kreis 3)
“There are no words to explain. The food was delicious and nutritious. My Wife and Daughter enjoyed it.„
Customer review from the delivery region Zürich Wiedikon (Kreis 3)

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Customize our selection of seasonal Birchermüesli with a large array of house-made Add ins.
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Balance 16.45 CHF
Equivalent to one Birchermüesli with Add ins (only for new customers, for the first order.)
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11.95 CHF + 4.50 CHF
Price 11.95 CHF
Balance 48.00 CHF
Approximately 4 standard Birchermüesli
Price 48.00 CHF
Balance 96.00 CHF
Approximately 8 standard Birchermüesli
Save up to 12.00 %
86.00 CHF + 10.00 CHF
Price 86.00 CHF
Balance 144.00 CHF
Approximately 12 standard Birchermüesli
Save up to 15.00 %
120.00 CHF + 24.00 CHF
Price 120.00 CHF
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Are you looking for exquisite housemade Birchermüesli to expand your selection? Contact us via email. We are happy to deliver to Partners regardless of if your business is within our delivery region or not. We look forward to working with you.

Birchermüesli winter collection

Discover new Birchermüesli creations from our winter collection.

Birchermüesli wedding cake flavor

Our exclusive wedding cake flavour for the most wonderful day of your life.

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Try your favourite Birchermüesli with Add ins, our dynamic labels always adjust with your choice to show exactly what’s inside.

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